HYPERNOVA NA | 5X | Max. Quad | Chill | Noob Friendly

Veröffentlicht am 2022-06-10

Spiel Rust
Kategorie Server Rust
Typ Oxide Kits Economy Friendly
Version 2377
Letztes Update
4 Minuten
IP Adresse
Port 28015
Map Custom Map
Last wipe
15 Tage
Eigentümer CPLKingX
Internetseite https://hypernova.gg
Dynamisches Map https://playrust.io
Discord https://hypernova.gg/discord
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Länder United States US

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Welcome to the Hypernova NA Main (5X) server! On this server you can expect:

- 5X gather rate

- Custom NPC's and Bosses

- RP Economy service (including a shop with all items)

- Reward for voting

- Silver / Gold / Diamond VIP options for players who want to support the server

- Active and friendly staff members

Only the best premium plugins

We've collected the best premium plugins out there to create a chill but stable rust experience. We've also written some plugins ourselves, making our servers a truly unique experience.

Some of the premium plugins we use are;

- Raidable Bases | With several difficulties to gain some extra loot

- Shop | One piece missing? Just spend some RP to buy that missing part

- Kits | Custom claimable kits for a boost

- SkinBox | Style your full outfit

- StackSizeController | Giving you higher stack size to carry even more

- RaidLimit | A limit for maximum raids per 24 hours

- NTeleportation | Teleport to your base for a quick getaway

We also have several Anti Harassment, cheat detecting and ban systems, and much more!

Who are we?

Hypernova was founded in 2020 by two friends with a combined 20 years of experience in the online IT branch. After playing on several servers for a good while, we were fed up with the harassment and tryhards so we started work on our own network with the idea to create an environment in which people can have a more relaxed Rust experience.

Since then, we've learnt a great deal about plugin development, map creation and cheat detection. We put this to good use by creating custom anti-harassment solutions and editting our many premium maps with fun extras including but not limited to a protected RP island.

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