Unity RP ZA - The Best FiveM Experience in South Africa

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Publicado el 2020-07-29

Juego FiveM
Categoría Servidores FiveM
Tipo RP PVP Drift Race
Estado En línea
Última actualización
1 minuto
Propietario Flaming Chilly
Sitio de Internet https://www.unityrp.co.za/
Discord https://discord.gg/4zzWrz4t7f
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País South Africa ZA

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We are a South African Role Playing community.  We also have the only true South African themed FiveM Server.
Our Whitelisted Jobs such as Police, EMS & Mechanics have unique SA themed Vehicles and Outfits unlike what you have ever seen before.

We have a lot of custom content such as cars and clothing.

We have illegal racing, drag racing, drifting, gokarts, drugs, boats, aircraft, street gangs, etc..

We have Police, EMS, Mechanic, and more jobs at the job centre.

We welcome all RP'ers to our city, all that we ask is that you respect our community and the work that has gone into this city.  Please note this is an 18+ community. We only accept mature players who comply with the rules of our server.

We are not a pay to win server, members do not pay a cent to play on our server, it is 100% free to play for our members.


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