RustyDoggos Vanilla PvE - Noob Friendly - No Decay En ligne

Publié le 2018-12-17

Jeu Rust
Catégorie Serveurs Rust
Type PVE Friendly Vanilla
Version 2279
Statut En ligne
Map Procedural Map
Dernière MAJ
2 min.
Adresse IP
Port 28076
Propriétaire Anonyme
Site web
Map dynamique
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Pays Canada CA

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Welcome to RustyDoggos PvE! Make sure to read all the rules at but if you don't want to, the most important rules are bellow here! We only wipe the Map when forced and BP's every 4 wipes! We also have an event called Purge before each wipe! Rules: ● No raiding! (This includes no breaking other players stuff like signs or furnaces!) ● No stealing from Bodys/Corpses/Backpacks/Sleepers/Boxes/TC's or anything that is not yours! ● No killing Players! (Only friendly combat allowed, must be agreed by both parties and announced in chat before or after!)

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