How to make an Ark server ? (2018)

Published on 2018-02-19

Want to quickly and easily make an Ark Survival Evolved server on your computer ? This tutorial was created especially for you, be sure you are using Windows 7, 8.1 or 10 64-bit.

Follow the next steps, it will not take you more than 8 minutes.

Ark server setup

1) SteamCMD folder

  • Create a folder named steamcmd at the root of your hard drive
  • Download the archive at
  • Extract the content of the zip to the steamcmd folder and launch installation
  • A window opens, wait OK message and type quit


2) Server installation

Create a .txt file and rename it to "arkserver". Open it with a notepad editor and paste the code below:

@echo off
start "" steamcmd.exe +login username password +force_install_dir "C:\steamcmd\ARKServer" +app_update 346110 validate +quit
  • Replace username and password with your steam account username and your password
  • Replace the path with yours
  • Save the file as "arkserver.bat"


Start the server installation by double clicking on the file arkserver.bat, a window is displayed, a message tells you that you have received a code by mail from Steam.

Check your mails and enter the code in the window and press the ENTER.


The server files are being downloaded.


3) Finalization

The arkserver folder has just been created in your steamcmd folder.

  • Go to steamid/arkserver/ShooterGame/Binaries/Win64 
  • Create a StartServer.bat file in the same way as in step 2 by pasting the following lines into the file:
start ShooterGameServer.exe TheIsland? SessionName = YourServerName? Port = 27015? QueryPort = 27016? listen
  • Replace YourServerName with the name of your server and save the file.
  • Double-click the StartServer.bat file and then click ShooterGameServer.exe to turn on your ARK server.


Server configuration & commands

1) Configuration

You can now modify the server settings in steamcmd/arkserver/ShooterGame/Saved/Config/WindowsServer/GameUserSettings.ini file by adding the following lines to the end of the file.




1) Logging in as Admin

Press Tab, or whatever you have bound your console key to and type this following command to logging in as admin.

enablecheats [password]

Here is a list of the most important admins commands:

ShowMyAdminManager (Enables the Admin UI)
cheat god (Enables godmode, you can not die except you can still drown)
cheat fly (Allows you to fly)
cheat walk (Deactivates flying and allows you to walk again)
cheat teleport (Teleports you to coords 0 0 0 (X Y Z))
cheat teleporttoplayer (Teleports to the specificed player)
Other ARK console commands:

Make your Ark server public

Congratulations, you have created a local Ark:SE server on your computer ! 

If you want to make it public and play with friends you must open ports 27015, 27016 and 27017 of your router with the TCP and UDP protocol.

Host your Ark server on a dedicated server

Hosting an Ark server requires a lot of resources to your computer, especially if your server has more than 10 players.
If you want a public server with many slots, we advise you to rent an Ark server from a professional host such as Gameserver (see link to our footer).

Make your Ark server famous

That your server works is good, but it is even better if it is full of players ! Please note that we are specialized in ranking Ark servers and you can register yours for free on our Ark servers list.