How to port forwarding ?

Gepubliceerd op 2018-02-19

Port forwarding to set your server public 

1) Know your local IP address and your public IP address 

Your local IP starts with 192.168 and is visible by typing the ipconfig command in the Windows command prompt (Type cmd in your Windows menu to find this). 

Easier: Your "Public IP" and "Local IP" addresses are also visible on this website: 

2) Port forwarding

If you want your server to be accessible by other players than you, you must open ports on your router. The ports to open will depend of the game.

For this you need to connect to the interface of your modem and do a "port forwarding" by specifying your Local IP address. You must open the ports with UDP and TCP

When players connect to your modem, they must be redirected to your computer. A reboot of your modem may be necessary. 

If your friends have trouble during connection, it can be a firewall blocking. Disable it temporarily and test.