[LATEST] Semi Vanilla Survival Server SteeltonMC

play.steeltonmc.com:25565 Online

Published on 2018-10-22

Game Minecraft
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Type PVE
Version Paper 1.15.2
Status Online
Connected 8/72
Last Check 4 min. ago
IP Address play.steeltonmc.com
Port 25565
Server Owner Austin Smith
Website https://www.steeltonmc.com/
Discord https://discordapp.com/invite/HVetdtg
Votes 19
Favorites 0
Hits this month 146
Country United States US

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Welcome to Steelton MC! This is our all-in-one reference page. Here you will find all the information you need to understand our server as a new player. Short summary Steelton is a hard, semi-vanilla survival server. PVP, raiding, and griefing are allowed. However, players are also given the ability to create land claims in order to protect their builds and items PVP is disabled in all claimed areas. Our vision is to create a server that provides an enjoyable experience by bringing Minecraft back to its roots - friendly players and a small devoted staff team. General information The server is, first and foremost, a survival server, and most of the plugins we use are chosen with the survival player in mind. The server’s difficulty is set to hard. This means that you will find lots of mobs and death by starvation is possible. Plan accordingly! The server is Semi-vanilla. This means that you can expect an experience somewhat similar to vanilla Minecraft. However, certain plugins are used to create a richer player experience and make server management easier for the staff team. There are a number of rules, which we enforce to ensure a safe, fair, and fun environment for everyone. For more information, please check the Rules section, and/or type /rules in game. PVP, raiding, and griefing are all allowed. Players are encouraged to protect their builds and items from raiding and griefing by claiming them using our claims system. https://www.steeltonmc.com/claims


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