Bumfuzzlertopia|3x|Solo/Duo/Trio|Kit|Loot|TP|Insta|FULL WIPE Online

Published on 2017-10-17

Game Rust
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Type RP Kits Economy Instacraft
Version 2252
Status Online
Map Procedural Map
Last Check
5 min.
IP Address
Port 28016
Server Owner Bumfuzzler
Dynamic map https://playrust.io
Discord https://discord.gg/37uNKRX
Hits this month
Country United States US

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♛ Very original server configuration with tons of detail ♛? Custom & engaging plugins you won't find anywhere else ?
ϟ Unique Monthy events: Saint Patricks, Bunny Ranch, North Pole, Cinco De Mayo, more ϟ❤ Instant favorite, playing elsewhere becomes impossible ❤ツ Playing here will make you happy! Be Happy! Join and fun! ツ
SPECIAL FEATURES!!✪ 30 Prestige Level Unlocks✪ Firework Displays✪ Trump Tower✪ Southern Border✪ Skin-based Perks✪ Kit & Leaderboards✪ Zombie Hordes✪ Raid Sympathy✪ Elevators✪ Buried Treasure✪ Meteor Shower✪ Super Heli✪ Game Arcade✪ Ride all animals✪ And so much more!
Low > medium population with increased gather rate, tons of plugins, active admins and very cool players. Must be played to appreciate the level of detail of the setup. Check out an instant favorite!
❤ “This is the coolest server :)” – Three-Fingered Willie❤ "Honestly man, I can’t imagine how you can make the server any better” – longdong❤ “It’s appreciated man. Your server is the only one I can play on lol” – Joeperry ❤ “this is just mind-blowing, hard to absorb, like its a whole new game” – Yahweh♛❤ “thank you for running an awesome server” – Howdy➳ Testimonials: http://bumfuzzler.net/testimonials/

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