RustyDoggos Modded PvE - Noob Friendly - No Decay Online

Published on 2019-04-26

Game Rust
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Type PVE Airdrop Oxyde Friendly
Version 2183
Status Online
Map Procedural Map
Last Check 8 min. ago
IP Address
Port 28076
Server Owner NubbbZ
Dynamic Map See the map
Votes 14
Favorites 0
Hits this month 120
Country Canada CA
Tags mp100,cp0,qp0,v2183,h15272ffa,stok,born1564688526,gmrust,oxide,modded

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Welcome to RustyDoggos Modded PvE, We offer a nice balanced pve server, it has no decay, no raiding or killing, plugins like teleport, clans, zlevels, and more! Forced Wipes Only! (Inc: BP + Map)n Rules: - No Raiding! (Note: No breaking other players placed items like signs or furnaces!)- No Killing Players! (Exception: Only friendly combat allowed, must be agreed from both parties!)- No Looting Bodys/Corpses/Backpacks/Sleepers/Boxes/TC's/ or any Player placed items!- No entering bases or compounds entering without owner permission!- No taking over monuments!- No Harassment or any kind of griefing!- No admin impersonation!- No Hacking! Note: If caught u will be Banned and reported to facepunch!

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