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Published on 2020-02-05

Game FiveM
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Type RP PVE Drift Race
Status Online
Map fivem-map-skater
Last Check 2 min.
IP Address
Port 30132
Launcher Download Launcher
Server Owner BeardsmanB25
Website http://legendsnetwork.io/
Discord https://discord.gg/legendsroleplay
Votes 94
Favorites 1
Hits this month 74
Country United States US

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Legends Roleplay is centered around community and generating unique roleplay. While we do enjoy some surface level RP (such as store robberies), most of our roleplay is focused on generating long-term epic story archs that leave a lasting imprint on the world and server lore. We've set things up in such a way that all players, through great roleplay, have the opportunity to build and grow your empires or career. This won't happen overnight (in most cases) and you will be required to spend time finding the right connections. We do encourage "territory" RP and PvP is absolutely okay as long as there is strong RP supporting it. We VERY strongly disagree with violence before solid roleplay. A murder should be meaningful and will have had escalated conflict in most cases before occurring.

We have a unique law enforcement department who provides a core element for both day-to-day life as well as long-term, in-depth investigative roleplay that may take months. While we are focused on long term investigations, we avoid the day-to-day Hero Cop win mentality and instead try to create fun and memorable interactions while still upholding the law and gathering evidence for convictions.

Legends Roleplay offers a very active admin team who is dedicated to improving the server every day (with frequent changelogs) and a team who approaches server admining with a very "Dungeon Master" type mentality, eager to assist players in generating strong, balanced, and fair content. Whether you're aspiring to be a detective, eager to work your way up the street ladder to be a Kingpin, a businessman/woman hoping to build your fortune, or simply someone wanting to somewhere to belong, Legends Roleplay has a place for everyone.


Discord discord.gg/qq4kybj


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