KoalaTeaGaming Offline

Published on 2020-09-24

Game FiveM
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Type RP
Status Offline since 18 minutes
Last Check
10 min.
IP Address
Port 30120
Server Owner KoalaTea Gaming
Website https://koalateagaming.com/
Discord https://discord.gg/koalateagaming
Hits this month
Country Australia AU

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Founded in January 2020 KTG is a community made up of people who have a strong passion for KoalaTea RP, And a real love for the community and server as a whole.

Brand new or experienced RPers are all welcome here.
If you need any help getting sorted feel free to jump in our Discord our support staff are always here to help.

Server goodies
-Police & Ambo (Always hiring)

-NSW Courts & Lawyers (Always hiring)
-Koalafied Security (Player run)

-Real Estate (Player run)

-Luxury Autos (Player run)
-Lopez Customs (Player run)
-Jimbos Customs (Player run)

-Darkside Customs (Player run)

-KoalaTea Used cars (Player run)

-Pussy repairs and towing (Player run)

-Bahama Mama,Yellowjack, Tequilala & VU (Player run)

-Pops Diner (Player run)

-Brittanys Buses (Player run)

-12 verified gangs

-Bank & store robberies
-Weed, Coke, Meth, Mushrooms, LSD (With effects) Mario is that you?
-Watch missions

-Armour guard missions

-Interactive money washing

-House robberies

Civ & hobbie jobs
-Interactive mining

-Interactive butcher


-Street races (fully customisable)

-Slavage diving legal and illegal

-Cow milking

-New reporter

-Garbage job (With friends)


-Pool cleaning


We focus on community and having a family feel we are developing slowly and often are changing to adapt with our community. Regular events are important to us feel free to join in and see what KTG is all about!

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