[UK/EU] Anarchist Roleplay | Altis Life | $500k [BETA]

server.anarchistrp.com:2302 Online

Published on 2020-02-24

Game Arma 3
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Type Altis Life RP
Version 1.96.146114
Status Online
Connected 2/60
Map Altis
Last Check 3 min. ago
IP Address server.anarchistrp.com
Port 2302
Server Owner Xern
Website https://anarchistrp.com/
Discord https://discord.anarchistrp.com
Votes 0
Favorites 1
Hits this month 67
Country United Kingdom GB
Tags bt,r196,n0,s7,i1,mf,lf,vf,dt,trpg,g65545,h34d8b3f2,f0,c-2147483648--2147483648,pw,e15,j0,k0,
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Welcome to Anarchist RP.

Anarchist RP is an ArmA 3 Altis Life role play community. 

At Anarchist RP you can expect to find:

  • $500,000 Starting cash
  • A live dynamic market
  • Bus system to get across the map easily.
  • Custom shops
  • Custom map feature
  • Work at Mc Donalds when you're low on cash
  • Rob gas stations. 
  • Zip Ties, Gags & Blind folds.
  • Suicide vests
  • Only 10 Minute NLR. 
  • Drugs, Money, Rebel bases and more

Check us out at AnarchistRP.com

We're adding more features all the time and we're always happy to take suggestions! 

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