ARK Infinity [Ragnarok, Flight Evolved] - (v298.41) Online

Published on 2019-08-16

Game Ark
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Type PVP
Status Online
Connected 1/70
Map Ragnarok
Last Check 5 min. ago
IP Address
Port 7781
Server Owner Travis Plotner
Votes 55
Favorites 1
Hits this month 197
Country United States US
Tags ,OWNINGID:90129184481623046,OWNINGNAME:90129184481623046,NUMOPENPUBCONN:70,P2PADDR:90129184481623046,P2PPORT:7781,LEGACY_i:0

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ARK Infinity [Flight Evolved] Wiped 5AUG19
MOD List, be sure to subscribe, download and install all MODs before joining:
Event Map MOD List (Only needed if you want to participate in Events):
Server Video:
Boss Event: Added a new YouTube Vid! Enjoy!
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     Experience one of the most challenging and competitive ARK Servers yet! The struggle to survive is real, peril at every turn with new creatures roaming the ARK. Kill, tame or be killed! If that wasn't enough, Fliers have new mechanics that match real life flight physics. Once you try it out you'll be hooked on this feature!
     Travel to the Event Hub to buy/sell/trade for gold coins. Set up your own shop in the ARK Infinity Village so other players can visit and buy your wares.           Admins are always active to handle your questions and concerns through discord and in-game. Admins work very hard delivering a very balanced, fun, challenging, and fair gaming experience. Admin Command Logging is enabled so you can be 100% sure no player is ever cheating! You also are able to vote up the servers and gain very special and unique rewards!     Join us, we'd love to play with you in-game!Rates:- Max Wild Dino Lv = 200- Max Player Lv = 330- 50 Max Tribe Capacity- 50 Alliances allowed- Optimized Harvest rates x4 (Optimized so there is no Harvest Lag or Rubberbanding)- x5 earned XP- Better Dino Breeding Multipliers- Better Imprinting Multipliers- x10 Taming Speeds- Cross Cluster Global Chat!- Custom Chat Icons for players and tribes!- Rare Voting Rewards!- Double weekend ra


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