[UK | ENG] Aurora INC - Space-Themed DarkRP [Hiring][Unbox] Online

Published on 2019-04-16

Game Gmod
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Type DarkRP
Version 2020.03.17
Status Online
Map rp_downtown_tits_v2
Last Check
4 min.
IP Address
Port 27015
Server Owner Brandon Smith
Discord https://discord.gg/nvdreZC
Hits this month
Country United Kingdom GB

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Welcome to Aurora INC,

We launched to the public 26/08/2020, with a brand new server (thanks @Kevynn, give everyone the IP the second the server comes online, that's a great idea!). Since then we've installed a bunch of creative, fun and time-consuming addons that we've hand-picked and configured to create a content-filled environment in which to roleplay in. We've made steps to acquire custom addons and even a custom map to give Aurora it's own unique personality. 

Here's a run-down of the content that we offer already!

  • Pachinko Gambling Machines
  • Sublime Government
  • Voidcases !unbox
  • Bricks Essentials
  • OnePrint ;)
  • Uplink Satellite Engineering
  • Zero's Factory
  • Zero's RetroMining
  • Zero's LuminaFX

Honorable Mentions

  • Smart Snap
  • Gaster Blaster
  • Lightsabers
  • CS:GO Knives
  • TFA Weapons

We're interested in hearing suggestions and feedback, and we're also looking for staff to help keep the roleplay clean. If any of these interests of ours interest you, check out our Discord, join the server and get involved!


Aurora HQ.

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