BG PVP 11/15 Island 10x/5m/ORP/NPP/AntiMesh/Kits - (v302.7) Online

Published on 2019-03-04

Game Ark
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Type PVP
Status Online
Connected 1/125
Map TheIsland
Last Check 7 min. ago
IP Address
Port 7781
Server Owner xPatcher
Votes 0
Favorites 3
Hits this month 13
Country United States US
Tags ,OWNINGID:90131055671631878,OWNINGNAME:90131055671631878,NUMOPENPUBCONN:125,P2PADDR:90131055671631878,P2PPORT:7781,LEGACY_i:0

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Bearded Gamers PvP 100xALL | Max Level 100 | Boosted Player Stats

The Bearded Gamers a proud to announce the launch of our ARK Server. As a group of players that are fans of Ark’s PVP environment and base raiding. We have spent a fair bit of time planning and testing settings to give you that experience. We hope our server will give you the enjoyment of how the ARK PVP experience should be.

Servers Connection Info:

- Location: US East
- Max Players: 100

Servers Rates/Settings:
- Experience: 100x
- Gathering: 100x
- Taming: 100x
- Max Character Level: 200
- Dinos Boosted Stats
- Player Boosted Stats
- Player Map Location: Enabled
- Third Person: Enabled
- PVP: Enabled
- Unlimited Player Respects
- Custom Supply Drops
- Points / Kits / Shop

General Rules:
Any rule violation will end with a warning, kick, ban or dead dinos. Read them carefully.
- No hacking, exploiting or bug abusing. This includes under meshing/building outside of the world borders.
- No spamming, racism, sexism, homophobia or advertising in chat.
- If a streamer is on the server do not stream sniping them. If valid proof is given from the streamer this will result in ban.
- Respect all players and try to get along.
- Admins will not restore lost items.
If you see a player breaking the rules please provide some media source and send it to an admin or post it on the forum.

Server Downtimes:
If I notice a issue with the server I will do my best to let you know in advance.

What separates us from the rest:
We are dedicated to your ARK experience. We would love to hear back from you on how we can improve our servers. Please let us know on our forums or discord.

Who are the admins?


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