Sleepy Alice - No Offline Raids | Noob-friendly Offline

Published on 2021-02-04

Game Rust
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Type PVP RP Friendly
Version 2279
Status Offline since 1 day
Last Check
5 min.
IP Address
Port 2043
Server Owner Avihs IX
Dynamic map
Hits this month
Country United States US

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Active staff will help mitigate toxic players. Purchase pumpjacks, cars, test generators and more with scrap! An RP and architectural sandbox.

WIPE / BP Schedule:

- Map wipes on the First Thursday of each month, unless forced.

- Blueprints will be wiped every 3 months on the First Thursday, unless forced.


NO Offline Raiding

- If you (solo, or everyone, if you are on a team) are offline or AFK for more than 5 minutes, your base can not be damaged.

 - This is bypassed and your base can take damage if you're offline for 48 hours.

3 Bigger Stacks

- You may carry up to 10K Scrap in a single pile, same with wood and stone which allow you up to 8K each.

Loot Bouncer

- If you do not empty a crate's contents entirely, the remaining contents will be deleted in 30 seconds, to allow a new loot crate to spawn.

Perfect Chef

- No matter how long you leave your meats on the fire, they will never burn.

We will be updating the server, adding new abilities and enhancements in the near future. In March we will launch our official Discord server, until then, we hope to see you in game and gain some feedback! Happy Hunting!

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