Black Project|1PP|C4|No Traders|ModdedStam|Loot+|Crash sites Online

Published on 2020-09-09

Game Dayz
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Type PVP High loot
Version 1.10.153598
Status Online
Map chernarusplus
Last Check
1 min.
IP Address
Port 2302
Server Owner Isabell Lilja
Hits this month
Country Germany DE

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Hey Everyone. Black Project is a brand new server on PC that's just lanunched. A little bit of information about the server: Right now the server is low pop as its a fresh server - But once the pop is getting up the server will be great. It has so much potential to become a lovely server. * Its 1pp * No traders - Loot you own items. * Loot + * Heli crashes - Amercian and Russians Helis. * No toxic zone * Raiding with C4 or break it down from the inside with boosting through exemple a window. * Vanilla cars - Modded cars will probably be added on a later point. * UPCOMING EVENTS EVERY WEEK - If you have any ideas of events you are free to bring them up to suggestions. * Admins are listening a lot on the players to make the changes that is being put up to suggestion. Of course they cant meet all the suggestions but they doing what they can to meet them. Many changes has been made because of the players wishes. * Nice discord community, Admins trying to talk with everyone that is playing on the server to maintain a good atmosphare within the community. * Server can also be found in DZSA Launcher. * Server is based in Germany. Questions? Please join our discord and we are happy to answer on your questions. 

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