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Published on 2020-12-05

Game Gmod
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Type DarkRP
Version 2020.10.14
Status Online
Map rp_anaxes_kaktusownia_v2
Last Check
3 min.
IP Address
Port 27070
Server Owner R3dExodus
Hits this month
Country United States US

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50 Slots | ENGLISH ONLY | Black Void Network CW-RP

Battalions/Legions/Units/Squads that are currently ready for use

- 104th Battalion

- 501st Battalion/Needs Commander

- 212th Attack Battalion/Needs Commander

- Coruscant Guard/Needs Commander

- Galactic Marines

- Doom Unit

- OMEGA Squad

- Delta Squad

In addition to the many Battalions/Units/Squads

to come and that are already existent we have a large sum of ground/air vehicles

There any many more features to come with the server. We also have plenty of weapons

and specializations for the future as you work your way up through the ranks.

Specializations -

- ARC Trooper

- BARC Trooper

- Heavy

- Medic

- Sniper

- Pilot

Things to come

- 41st Elite

- 327th Star Corps

- Aquilia Squad

- HOPE Squad

-Member Count - 21

- Founder R3dExodus

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