BLOOD,GUTS & GLORY|PVE w/PVP Zones|Wiped 7th July|Traders|100k

Published on 2024-01-19

Game Dayz
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Type PVE PVP High loot No stamina
Version 1.25.158396
Last Check
5 minutes
IP Address
Port 2102
Map deerisle
Server Owner Troopa koopa240
Hits this month
Country United States US

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Welcome to "Blood, Guts, & Glory

We are excited to announce that, as of July 7th, 2024, Blood, Guts & Glory has converted the Deer Isle Server to a PVE (Player vs. Environment) server with designated PVP (Player vs. Player) zones. This change is aimed at enhancing the gameplay experience by providing a balanced environment for both PVE and PVP enthusiasts.

We believe this new setup will offer a more engaging and dynamic experience for all players. Please stay tuned for further updates and detailed information on the specific PVP zones.


Connection Info:
Platform: PC
Wiped: 7/07/2024
Name on DZSA and Steam Launcher: BLOOD,GUTS & GLORY|PVE w/PVP Zones|Wiped 7th July|Traders|100k

Welcome to the enhanced Deer Isle Server, where we’ve created a unique and immersive gameplay experience for our community. 

 What We Have to Offer:

💳 DNA Keycards

🔫 SNAFU Weapons

👔 Paragon Clothes

👔 Paragon Gear and Armor

🔫 Paragon Arsenal

📦 Much Stuff Pack

🚁 Red Falcon Helis

💰 Vendors/Traders

🔒 Code Lock

Plenty of Activities to Make Money:

🪴Cannabis Plus
🪴Drugs Plus


🪖Care Packages


📦LB Master MODs

🐛 Pokémon Cards

Features and Enhancements:

  • 2 Custom Safe Zones with Ambient Lighting: Secure and visually appealing areas for safe interactions.
  • 5 Custom Spawn Locations: Start your adventure from diverse and strategic points.
  • Starting Money of 100k: Jumpstart your journey with ample resources.
  • AI Expansion Survivors: Engage with intelligent AI survivors for a dynamic experience.
  • DHGS Hunting: Test your hunting skills with new challenges.
  • Gebsfish: Enjoy fishing with new mechanics and rewards.
  • Fast Travel Between Safe Zones: Conveniently navigate between key locations.
  • Cars Pack: Choose from over 60 different types of cars.
  • Inventory Sorting: Organize your items with ease.
  • Drugs Plus, Gorez, and Dark Horde: Add depth and excitement to your gameplay.
  • Kill Reward Drops: Earn rewards for your combat prowess.
  • Shipwrecks and Boat Wrecks/Crash: Explore these for valuable loot, varying by location.
  • Player-Driven Events: Loot heli wrecks and boat crashes created by player actions.
  • Diving Equipment: Safely explore underwater wrecks with custom gear.
  • Diving Loot Chests: High-tier loot in military crates at over 100 different spawn locations.
  • Deer Isle Custom Key Rooms and DNA Key Card Rooms: Unlock exclusive areas and rewards.
  • 3 Oil Rigs and 5 Total Toxic Zones: Experience challenging environments with special gear requirements.
  • New Ghillie Mod: Unique suits with additional slots for weapons and inventory.
  • Diverse Weapon Spawns: Morty, Paragon, and vanilla weapons spawn with mags but limited bullets.
  • Care Packages and Koth: Over 50 locations with 20 different loot-set tiers.
  • New Boats Mod: Five different models with varying speeds for thrilling water adventures.
  • Deer Isle Unique Quest Line and Weapons: Complete quests to unlock exclusive weapons and sell them at the Black Market.
  • Remapped Locations: Enhanced areas with more buildings and loot, including Air-Field, Bayville Military, Old Field Military, Island North East of Portland, and more.

🛟Inventory and Storage Improvements:🛟

  • Logs: 2x6 and stack to 5
  • Sheet Metal: 5x5 and stack to 20
  • Planks: 1x5 and stack to 20
  • Barrels: 8x8
  • Large Gas Canister: 3x3
  • Medium Gas Canister: 2x2
  • Small Gas Canister: 1x1
  • Power Generator: 4x4
  • CP_DryPost_Kit: 1x6
  • Code Lock: 2x2
  • Garden Lime: 1x3
  • Jerry Can: 3x3
  • Duct Tape: 1x1
  • Drying Post: 1x6
  • Bear Pelt: 4x4
  • Cow Pelt: 3x3
  • Deer Pelt: 3x3
  • Goat Pelt: 3x3
  • Pig Pelt: 3x3
  • Sheep Pelt: 3x3
  • Wild Boar Pelt: 4x4
  • Wolf Pelt: 3x3
  • Sea Chest: 6x4
  • Barbed Wire: 1x1
  • Hand Saw: 3x1 (currently not working)
  • Camo Net: 1x5

Additional Features:

  • Virtual Garage: Personal and group garages for all vehicles.
  • In-Game Leaderboards: Track your progress and compete with others.
  • Advanced Kill Feed: Enhanced in-game and Discord kill feed notifications.
  • Safer Trading: Secure your transactions.
  • Custom Vehicles: Unique and diverse vehicle options.
  • Daily Reward System: Enjoy daily rewards for active participation.

Join us on the Blood, Guts & Glory Deer Isle Server and embark on an unparalleled adventure filled with exciting features and endless possibilities. Your next great journey awaits!

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