Published on 2024-06-01

Game Dayz
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Type PVP High loot No stamina
Version 1.25.158344
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IP Address
Port 3202
Server Owner Troopa koopa240
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Country United States US

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Welcome to "Blood, Guts, & Glory

After being a part of several servers throughout the years, a group of us came together and took the best things we have seen in our journey and created a server. Our server is focused on PvP 


Connection Info:

Platform: PC

Wiped: 7th JUNE

Name on DZSA and Steam Launcher: BLOOD,GUTS & GLORY| PVP | WIPED 7th JUNE| 8MAN | WEEKEND-RAID 

What we have to offer:

💳DNA Keycards 💳✧ 👔 Paragon Clothes ✧👔 Paragon Gear and Armor👔 ✧🔫SNFAU Guns✧🔫Paragon Arsenal 📦 ✧ Paragon Storage Storage📦 ✧🚁 RedFalcon Helis 🚁✧💰 Vendors/Traders💰 ✧ 🔒Code Lock🔒

There are plenty of things to do to make money ✧🪴 CannabisPlus🪴✧🏆Collectables.🏆 ✧ 🪖Cargo Packages 🪖✧ 👑KOTH👑✧ LB Master MODs. ✧

🆕 What to expect on PNW 🆕

  • 1 custom Safe Zones with Ambient lighting
  • 4 custom Spawn locations
  • Starting money of 80k
  • Vending machines from Paragon
  • Player Heli’s that are shot down from other players, can blow up and become a Heli Wreck and can be looted.
  • PNW 2 Custom Bunkers
  • 6 DNA Key Card rooms
  • New Ghillie Mod. Which has 3 unique suits that can be put on your armband slot instead of your backpack and 2 of those unique Ghillie suits have slots for weapons and inventory from 150 to 300 slots depending on which one you find or buy, head wraps that go in glasses slot, and Ghillie wraps for weapons, all have been molded to match Paragon Gear.
  • SNAFU, Paragon, and vanilla Weapons all Spawn with Mags but have limited bullets in them.
  • Care Packages with over 25 locations and 25 different loot-set tiers. (Loot is random through all the loot sets, you can end up with 2 of the same loot sets in the CP this is not a bug just the CPs algorithm)
  • Koth has over 15 locations, with 20 different loot tiers. (Loot is random through all the loot sets, you can end up with 2 of the same loot sets in the Koth Chest this is not a bug just the Koth algorithm)
  • Remapped the locations with more buildings, loot, etc…. 

🛟Quality of life changes that have been made to make things easier.🛟

  • Logs - 2x6 and stack to 5
  • Sheet Metal - 5x5 and stack to 20
  • Planks - 1x5 and stack to 20
  • Barrels 8x8
  • LargeGasCanister 3x3
  • MediumGasCanister 2x2
  • SmallGasCanister 1x1
  • PowerGenerator 4x4
  • CP_DryPost_Kit 1x6
  • CodeLock 2x2
  • GardenLime 1x3
  • JerryCan 3x3
  • Ducktape 1x1
  • Drying post 1x6
  • BearPelt 4x4
  • CowPelt 3x3
  • DeerPelt 3x3
  • GoatPelt 3x3
  • PigPelt 3x3
  • SheepPelt 3x3
  • WildboarPelt 4x4
  • WolfPelt 3x3
  • Sea-chest 6x4
  • BarbedWire 1x1
  • Handsaw 3x1 - Not working atm
  • Camo Net 1x5
  • Raid Alert System
  • Virtual Garage - Personal and Group garages for all Vehicles.
  • In-Game leaderBoards.
  • Advanced in-game Kill Feed and Discord Kill Feed
  • Safer Trading
  • Custom Vehicles
  • Unsafe Heli Trader
  • Moved some Guns to SZ trader
  • UnSafe Donator Trader - High Priced Guns like 20mm and Jug Armor - More still need to be added in Feature.
  • Daily Reward system
  • GoreZ

And Much Much More!!

Hope to see you out there!!! 😊

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