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Published on 2019-02-03

Game Gmod
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Type PH
Version 2020.10.14
Status Online
Last Check
5 minutes
IP Address
Port 27019
Map cs_office
Server Owner Chillstice
Hits this month
Country United States US

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The prophunt server is running an enhanced version of the gamemode with tweaks to make the game as seamless as possible. It also has:
Lots of maps – Some of the best maps available for prophunt are on the server.
Custom Taunts – Lots of funny and high-quality taunts for props and hunters.
Rotation Lock – Props have an accurate view of the appearance and can lock rotation.
Banned Props – Players can’t become extremely small or broken props.
Auto Taunt – Props are forced to taunt at least every 45 seconds.
Taunt Menu – Pressing C opens a menu where taunts can be previewed and played.
Easier Prop Picking – Props will glow green when a player is selecting it.
Outfitter – No need to download any playermodels, just pick your own from the workhop.
• And many more available in the collection:

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