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Published on 2019-03-06

Game Gmod
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Version 2019.11.12
Status Online
Map trash_canal
Last Check 4 min. ago
IP Address
Port 27018
Server Owner Chillstice
Votes 1
Favorites 1
Hits this month 24
Country United States US
Tags gm:trashcompactor gmws:495998201

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The trash compactor server is a bit of a niche gamemode. It’s nostalgic for people that used to play the trash compactor custom game in Halo 3/ Reach. It’s a chill gamemode that’s fun with lots of people. It has the following features:
PAC3 – The github version of PAC3 (the real one) for customizing player appearance.
Enhanced Damage – Prop damage and fall damage are dynamic and tuned.
High Tickrate – Collisions update at a higher rate making them more accurate.
Maps – All the good trash compactor maps are installed.
Outfitter – No need to download any playermodels, just pick your own from the workhop.
• And many more available in the collection:

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