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Published on 2019-09-02

Game FiveM
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Type RP Drift Race
Status Online
Connected 2/50
Map fivem-map-hipster
Last Check 2 min.
IP Address
Port 30120
Server Owner OGSpaceCase
Votes 35
Favorites 4
Hits this month 30
Country United States US

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Welcome to CityLights RP! CLRP is a tight knit laid back community who collectively strives to bring fun and new RP. We have hard working Admins and Developers who are actively in the city every day! We use ESX scripts with loads of custom content and cars. Over 300 emotes to incorporate into your RP. Our residents of CityLights are very helpful and welcoming to new comers. Come join our discord for more info or chat with members of our community :slight_smile:

Legal Jobs:

  • Police (Whitelisted)
  • EMS (Whitelisted)
  • Mechanic, with multiple auto repair shops to manage (Whitelisted)
  • Lawyer/Judge (Whitelisted)
  • News Reporter (Whitelisted)
  • Taxi (Whitelisted)
  • Car Dealer
  • Lots of other non whitelisted legal jobs such as Fueler, Garbage collector, Fisherman, Tailor and more

Illegal Jobs:

  • Drug Dealer
  • Gun Dealer
  • Criminal (Bank robberies, Jewelry store robbery and more)
  • Multiple active gangs/mafia’s

Civ self-made jobs:

  • Realtor
  • Vanilla Unicorn dancer, bartender and security
  • Private Security
  • Club Owner
  • Music Production companies (with DJ’s, Rappers etc.)
  • …and more!

Fun Activities/Events

  • Fishing
  • Illegal street racing/Legal racing events
  • Civ hosted parties
  • Comedy Shows
  • PD evidence transports
  • Car shows
  • Boxing matches
  • Music Festivals

CLRP is currently under a total city reconstruction. Hate joining a city and feeling behind? Our new city will offer a fresh start for everyone. Soft whitelisted 18+ city. Realistic economy and even more custom content.


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