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The 5 best CS: GO tools

Anyone who actively plays CS: GO can not avoid some of these useful CS: GO tools! At least the CS: GO console should be known and used by every player. We'll show you the best tools and other tips and tricks.

CS: GO console cheats

One of the most helpful CS: GO tools is integrated directly into the game and an essential part of the entire game. Not only can developers use the console to make settings that cannot be found anywhere else, but you too! For example, you can use the console to adjust your crosshair and the HUD. Of course, these are also components that belong in a user config, but that's another topic. In addition, commands that are used temporarily are very useful! For example, you can set that you can only kill the enemy with a headshot or each grenade you throw receives a tail through which you can practice and analyze the throwing of grenades very well. These commands are of course only suitable for training units and should therefore only be used on local servers or on one game server. In addition, the cheats have to be activated in CS: GO (sv_cheats 1).

You can find many useful console commands in the following overview:

sv_cheats 1

    Activates the cheats in CS: GO and thus allows the setting of further options.

sv_infinite_ammo 2

    Gives the player unlimited ammunition. Reloading is no longer necessary. Good for spray exercises

sv_showimpacts 1

    Marks the gun's bullet holes. These are therefore more visible. Good for spray exercises. You can also download a trainer hack for even further options.

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