Danger Zone RP | Tuner/ Cayo Perico | 24/7 Devs, Heavy Community suggestions! | Hiring Whitelisted Jobs LSPD, EMS, Mechanic | Never seen before MLO/YMAPS | Custom Job’s | Whitelisted Gang’s | 1200+ Custom Cars | Never Seen before Liveries!

Published on 2022-04-05

Game FiveM
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Type RP PVE Race
Offline since 16 minutes
Last Check
9 minutes
IP Address
Port 30120
Server Owner Shnowinsideways
Discord https://discord.gg/2tW73dQnrF
Hits this month
Country Canada CA

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-------------------------------------------------!!About Us!!--------------------------------------------------------------

We have active staff 24/7! Super friendly admins! amazing community! developer's on stanby 24/7 Always working hard to make our city better! daily and weekly updates! lots and lots to come! alot of plans with our city!                                 --------------------------------------------What we have to Offer!-------------------------------------------------------

**Futures that you might wanna hear about!** *

-- Custom Player Owned businesses *

-- 1200+ Custom Cars! Little bit of everything for everyone! *

-- Multiple PD Departments/EMS Such as LSPD, TF12, LS Angels, Sherrif, and FBI

-- Drugs labs! Such as Meth, Coke, Spice, Xpills, Heroin, Lean, With NPC selling included! *

-- Drag Racing, Drift Races!, Burnout Competitions, Monster Mash, Dirt Bike Track! *

-- Custom MLO Building and Ymap, Never seen before! * :herb: Custom Dispensaries with custom drug effects! Also Weed growing anywhere you want!

-- Oxy runs, Meth Runs! * :bank: Bank robberies, Vault Robberies, Vangelico robbery, Bunker Heists and much much more!

-- Boosting cars and illegal racing! **And many more!**

-----------------------------------------------**Civilian Jobs**------------------------------------------------------------

-- Mining Job!

-- Fishing!

-- Fruit Picking!

-- Lumberjack!

-- Gardening!

-- Helicopter Car deliveries!

-- Tow Job!

-- Taxi!

**And many more!**

We are a new and uprising city! we are currently hiring all whitelisted jobs PD, EMS and Mechanic!, we are a male and female owned RP city! Lots of gang relations, Custom Drug Fx, Bank robberies, Heist's, undeground racing scene! or maybe you want some legal stuff, come work at the cannabis cafe! Host Drag races! Grow your own gardens!, work At the custom Strip Club! Or our custom Vinyl Wrap Shop!

Whatever you want to do! you can do it here in DZRP City! we have over 600+ Custom Cars! Tons and Tons of custom clot

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