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Published on 2017-12-28

Game FiveM
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Type RP PVP PVE Race
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IP Address gta.edgegamers.com
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Server Owner EdgeGamers
Website https://www.edgegamers.com
Discord http://discord.gg/edgegamers
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Country United States US

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What Do We Offer? We offer many positions and opportunities for expanding roleplay within the departments and jobs that we have.

  • Law Enforcement (Blaine County Sheriff's Office and Los Santos Police Department)
  • Department of Justice (Court Cases, Judge, District Attorney, and Lawyers)
  • Fire Department (Including building inspections and Search and Rescue)
  • Civilian (Bean Machine, Bartenders, Vanilla Unicorn, and more!)
  • Mechanics and Dealerships (PDM and San Andreas Recovery & Tow)
  • Taxi & Ubers
  • Smoothie Shop and Bars
  • Illegal Jobs (Mafia and more!)
  • The jobs and growth opportunities are endless! Find yourself a home and experience great roleplay at EdgeGamers.

What to Expect? With an experienced Tech Team, we have many features to offer. These are not limited to;
  • A large variety of drugs, such as; weed, cocaine, opium, and others!
  • Try your luck at attempting, or succeeding in heists at banks located throughout the map.
  • Renting cars and purchasing vehicles with dealerships around the state.
  • Realistic handling for vehicles to help encourage the realism roleplay you will experience!
  • Interact with Lawyers and other officials throughout a court case or plea deals to help decrease your time in prison.
  • Interactions with whitelisted jobs or even the opportunity to create your own business!
  • Unique buildings and interiors to help further expand the enjoyable roleplay.
  • Custom CAD tablet for easy access to edit your characters information!
  • Custom vehicle fleet and EUP for all Emergency Services jobs!
  • As a Police Officer you can also get certifications to special divisions such as Internal Affairs, Motor, Air One, K9, CID and more!
Come get started with EdgeGamers FiveM server and create your character background and backstory to be a part of the amazing roleplay that happens within our community!

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