[EU] x3 ZeroHP Solo/Duo/Trio [Loot+/Kits/Clans] [Wiped:27/11 1 Online

Published on 2020-05-02

Game Rust
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Type PVP Airdrop Kits Instacraft
Version 2268
Status Online
Map Procedural Map
Last Check
3 min.
IP Address
Port 28015
Server Owner Americanu Narcis
Website https://steamcommunity.com/groups/zerohp
Dynamic map https://playrust.io
Discord https://www.discord.gg/XuS2Pg7
Hits this month
Country France FR

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Welcome to ZeroHP 3x Rust Server - the highest quality server in Rust Modded Community!

Our Goal is to create the best modded experience for you so you can never stop having fun, and also create new friendships, without toxic players!

ZeroHP is a ever growing dynamic community with a friendly and behaved staff!

[EN] x3 ZeroHP [Loot+/Kits/Trade]


3x Gathering & 3x Component loot

Instant crafting!

Teleportation => Unlimited teleport with Raid Block (5 minutes) and Combat Block (1 minute)!

Loot+ => 3x Vanilla Loot with excellent and up to date loot tables for Airdrop, Bradley & Helicopter! We also change loot based on popular demand! We listen to everyone!

Components+ => 3x Components gather compared to Vanilla - Stacking on various components are even more than 3x!

Rewards => Earn potential LOOT for voting!

Kits => Kits that give you a BOOST in starting your adventure and making sure you dont need to grind for a hatched or pickaxe!

This server is very focused on PvP and Raiding, so if you like to make loot out of other people's work then this is the place for you!

Join our Discord Server www.discord.gg/XuS2Pg7 and see all of our rules and announcements!

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