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Published on 2020-05-21

Game FiveM
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Type RP
Status Online
Last Check
6 minutes
IP Address play.encorerp.com (Whitelist registration required)
Port 30120
Server Owner EncoreRP
Discord https://discord.gg/encore
Hits this month
Country United States US

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Encore RP - Serious Fun

Discord: https://discord.gg/encore

Are you ready to live your best encore? Join us at Encore RP. We're an 18+ serious roleplay server with a fair and balanced economy, good natured players, and plenty of lawful (or not so lawful) activities.

Custom Framework: Built by a full time professional software engineer our custom framework allows us to rapidly implement new features and results in an incredibly smooth performance. No texture loss or falling through the earth here!

Careers System: Season 2 completely re-imagines the mundane parts of roleplay by adding an entire career framework and progression system to every single job. Regardless of whether you're an EMT for San Andreas Medical Services or a tow truck driver for Casey's Highway Clearance you have a full career path ahead of you with multiple ranks and pay scales, each with their own perks and benefits like free health insurance, a retirement savings account, or even free pilots licenses.

Persistent Vehicles: Owned vehicles never despawn in Encore - they're always where you (or the thief!) left them. Additionally, we have real parking garages where you simply park your car and walk away. It's safe and secure from theft, but never disappears. It's way too cool to see an entire parking lot filled with player's cars.

Crime & Gangs: No roleplay server is complete without criminals. Encore has a huge variety of in-depth criminal activities from convenience store robberies to multi-step bank heists. You won't find a better home for your criminal enterprise either - our unique gang system includes custom territories with wars against NPCs, gang-exclusive crafting recipes for guns and other useful items, and more.

Even More: Fully functional Diamond Casino, Dynasty 8 Real Estate, BCSO, SAMS, and endless other opportunities. See our players guide at https://go.encorerp.com/players-guide for all the details!


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