[ES/EU]Alandalus Cluster PVP X10 Aberration [5ManTribe][Merc -

alandaluserver.ddns.net:7785 Online

Published on 2019-06-16

Game Ark
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Type PVP
Status Online
Connected 4/70
Map Aberration
Last Check 1 min. ago
IP Address alandaluserver.ddns.net
Port 7785
Server Owner ADMIN
Discord https://discord.gg/wVdHueS
Votes 56
Favorites 0
Hits this month 109
Country Spain ES
Tags ,OWNINGID:90127590678139910,OWNINGNAME:90127590678139910,NUMOPENPUBCONN:70,P2PADDR:90127590678139910,P2PPORT:7785,LEGACY_i:0

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-Rates: XP=10 Tameo=10 Farmeo=10 Crianza=10 Calidad Drops=1.5   DañoTorretas=x2
-Nivel de jugador : 105+30 Ascension
-Nivel de dino : 200(salvaje)+100(tameo)+150(leveo)
-MAPAS: Valguero, Extincion, Mercado, Ragnarok, Aberration, Theisland
-MODS : Capitalism Currency, HG Stacking Mod 10000-90,  Auto Engrams,  Super Spyglass,  Structures Plus,  Classic Flyers, Grappling Flare Gun v1.1
-MODS MERCADO: Capitalism Currency, Capitalism Props Table,  Capitalism NPC Trader, Capitalism Bounty Hunter,Grappling Flare Gun v1.1
-PLUGINS:    Arkshop, Voterewards, NewplayerProtection, Lottery, Cross Server Chat, -Shop Rewards & Stats , Dino Colors
-Max Miembros de tribu = 5 Max Total Tribus en Alianza = 2 Max Dino Tribu = 1000 -Proteccion de estructuras de nuevos jugadores = 72 horas o nivel 60
- Shop/shop /points  /buy /kit /buykit /trade-Votereward/vote /claim-Shop Rewards & Stats/stats dino /stats player /mystats

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