[EU] Pompa Team Just Survive [X5|Monthly|No BP Wipe|Custom Map] Online

Published on 2020-06-01

Game Rust
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Type PVP Kits Economy Friendly
Version 2245
Status Online
Connected 12/150
Map The_Earth_Apocalypse_Remastered
Last Check 0 min.
IP Address
Port 28055
Server Owner shady
Website https://just-survive.tebex.io/
Dynamic map https://playrust.io
Discord https://discord.gg/WxjAWw3
Votes 33
Favorites 0
Hits this month 12
Country United Kingdom GB

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Just Survive is configured to be a server balanced towards being able to enjoy the game without

having to grind forever yet not to overpowering to get you bored after a couple of hours.

Sulfur is slightly nerfed so you'll still need to farm in order to raid. Loot is enhanced but

you'll still need to do the PVE events and puzzles in order to obtain top tier loot.

We're running the Keirox's custom map called The Earth - Apocalypse. Join us and the deep post-apocalyptic

environment that Rust never known before. Explore a part of New York destroyed, climb the Empire State Building,

or run along the Golden Gate Bridge from San-Francisco. Survive against the zombies that are running walking the city looking for some fresh food. The amount of custom monuments to explore is endless. You will also find an Endgame area which contain a Spy Mission gamemode, that require 2 players to be started. Avoid the lasers, don't toggle the alarm, and you will access step by step to the most rewarding loot room.


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