Real Survivors - High Performance Online

Published on 2020-10-16

Game 7 Days to Die
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Version 00.19.01
Status Online
Map RealSurvivors
Last Check
1 min.
IP Address
Port 26900
Server Owner Lukaz
Hits this month
Country Germany DE

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Difficulty: Normal

Exp: 400%

Loot: 200%

Day Night Length: 45 Min.

Day Light Length: 18

Drop on Death: Backpack only

Drop on quit: Nothing

Max. Spawned Zombies: 75

Max. Spawned Animals: 50

Bloodmoon Enemy Count: 12

Loot respawn Days: 3

Land Claim Expiry Time: 14

Land Claim Decay Mode: Linear

Land Claim ONLINE Durability modifier: 16

Land Claim Offline Durability modifier: 48

Zombie Speed Normal: Jog

Zombie Speed Night: Sprint

Zombie Speed Feral: Sprint

Zombie Speed Bloodmoon: Sprint

1. Commands

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Real Survivors - High Performance