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Published on 2023-10-15

Game Dayz
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Type PVP High loot
Version 1.23.157045
Last Check
13 minutes
IP Address
Port 2302
Map chernarusplus
Server Owner PANDAYZ DayzServer
Hits this month
Country Germany DE

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We are a team of passionate enthusiasts committed to crafting an immersive :gamedayz: gameplay experience. Born from a shared love for the intricate and engaging world of :gamedayz: , we united with a vision to create a space where every player feels at home 🏡. Our ethos is grounded in community, innovation, and responsiveness.

Each aspect of our server is meticulously designed to offer a blend of realism, engagement, and thrill. We value the dynamic and diverse :gamedayz: community and strive to provide an array of experiences to satisfy every player's style. We focus on a balance ⚖️ that respects the authentic :gamedayz: aura while integrating features that make every login a fresh, exciting journey 🚶.

Our commitment extends beyond providing an exceptional gameplay experience. We aim to build a robust community where interactions🤼‍♂️, collaborations, and competitions are the norm. Every feedback and suggestion is not just welcomed but essential, as we believe in co-creating a world where every dawn brings new adventures, opportunities, and challenges.

Feedback & Suggestions:

We are open to feedback and aim to adapt to the needs of our gaming community. Your ideas and suggestions are not just welcomed but are indeed essential to make this server the go-to place for every DayZ enthusiast.

Join Us Today!

Embark on the ultimate survival experience. Face challenges, make allies, and prove your mettle. Every new dawn brings new adventures, dangers, and opportunities. How long can you survive in the unforgiving world of DayZ? There’s only one way to find out - join us now!


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