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Published on 2020-04-23

Game RedM
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Type RP
Status Online
Connected 25/32
Last Check 3 min. ago
IP Address (Whitelist registration required)
Port 30122
Server Owner Anonymous
Website https://www.impulserp.co.uk/
Discord https://discordapp.com/invite/NvJzTat
Votes 83
Favorites 0
Unique 636
Country United Kingdom GB

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The birth of Impulse RP

The birth of Impulse RP in January 2020 has come from the dedication of all our teams, from the staff team, developers and the departments. From 2015 came the word of GTA V Role-Play, this sparked a major interest within a close group of friends who all decided it would be an amazing idea to create something new. We did not know the amount of interest we would gain and became a very popular community very quickly. Finally in 2017 we were able to gain traction and create our own public server which became very popular, very quickly. In August 2018 a group of dedicated people from the original Los Santos Life RP carried the flag over to a new fresh community which continued under the same name. Going from strength to strength with returning players each day LSLRP continued to be a success. Creating whitelist standard RP on a public server and we are hugely proud of that.

Multiple game servers

January 2020 sees a build on the success of LSLRP evolving into Impulse RP, the future of Role-Playing communities, not only will we be providing a GTA V server we will also be introducing other games giving our community more options and more enjoyment, whilst still being able to play with each other under the same flag. No longer will you have to search for your favourite server! 2020 will see the expansion of 2 new games to join our popular GTA V server, RedM (Red Dead Redemption 2) & Star Wars RP (Gmod).

Did you know?

Did you know that our server has been written about numerous times in the PC-Gamer Magazine, and even had in-character interviews on the swedish radio station P3 Spel

How to apply?

You can apply for our RedM whitelisted server in the links below, make sure to register and log in on our forums before applying.

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