[EUUK] Northern Lights |6X|No BP Wipe|Monthly|Custom Map|Subma Online

Published on 2020-01-03

Game Rust
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Type Oxyde Kits Economy Friendly
Version 2215
Status Online
Connected 1/100
Map northern69
Last Check 2 min. ago
IP Address
Port 28215
Server Owner Anonymous
Dynamic Map See the map
Discord http://discord.gg/7wCRVBC
Votes 82
Favorites 1
Hits this month 217
Country United Kingdom GB
Tags mp100,cp1,qp0,v2215,h1c20673d,stok,born1581020120,gmrust,oxide,modded
Connected players
Smiley xP

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This is a community that aims for a different, more mature and chill Rust experience.
The server is set up to allow you to enjoy Rust and still have a life, maybe even make some friends while at it.

Server recap:

  • 6X Gathering: allows for quick resource gain and saves you time.
  • 4x Sulfur: limits the excessive crafting of explosives.
  • Low Decay: Bases decay 75% slower than vanilla.
  • Rust Net: Control your turrets remotely.
  • Skin Box: Access to all available workshop skins!
  • Enhanced loot tables: More loot and better drops!
  • Short Nights: Nights are just 5 minutes long.
  • Server economy system: Earn RP points in different ways.
  • Server shop: spend your RP points!
  • Starter kits: to get you of your feet.
  • Remove tool: Remove building blocks at any time.
  • Vehicles: spawn your personal mini-chopper, or car or boat or CH-47
  • Sign artist, furnace splitter, fast craft, fast smelt and many other cool mods are available!
  • Active Admin and staff: Toxic players, tryhards, griefers and hackers will be banned without warning.

This is still Rust: Healthy PvP is allowed, you will be killed, raided and might get salty. Walk it off and GG!

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