Extinction 3X/H 1X/T-B Full PVP NOVACluster - (v309.4)

novacluster.ddns.net:7780 Online

Published on 2020-02-07

Game Ark
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Type PVP
Status Online
Connected 1/70
Map Extinction
Last Check 3 min. ago
IP Address novacluster.ddns.net
Port 7780
Server Owner Titoh Pereyra
Website https://titoh81.wixsite.com/website
Votes 58
Favorites 0
Hits this month 14
Country Uruguay UY
Tags ,OWNINGID:90133879983450116,OWNINGNAME:90133879983450116,NUMOPENPUBCONN:70,P2PADDR:90133879983450116,P2PPORT:7780,LEGACY_i:0

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NOVA Cluster


Our PvP ORP Cluster is perfect for players who want to enjoy ARK in a friendly community with some action. The offline Raid Protection is perfect for that. Crossark chat so you can talk with anyone in any map. Active admin team and fast response time. We'll be adding more maps each month. No wipes. Everything in our servers is vanilla like, the official ARK experience, but the ORP makes it friendlier.

Mail: [email protected]


-The Island novacluster.ddns.net:27015

-Valguero novacluster.ddns.net:27019

-Genesis novacluster.ddns.net:27017

-Extinction (Full PVP - No Offline Raid Protection) novacluster.ddns.net:27018

-Ragnarok novacluster.ddns.net:27020

-Scorched Earth novacluster.ddns.net:27016


-The Center



-Vanilla like 3X Harvesting and XP

-Wild Dino max lvl 150

-Offline Raid Protection in all servers but Extintion

-No Mods

-70 Slots in all servers

-No Building in Artifact Caves

-Anticheat System

-Tribe Limit 6 Players

-You can travel to every server with every dino and item


-CrossArk Chat

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