Folkvangr [Yggdrasil Cluster] x6 VALGUERO PVE EU - (v312.65) Online

Published on 2019-08-22

Game Ark
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Type PVE
Status Online
Map Valguero_P
Last Check
4 min.
IP Address
Port 27055
Server Owner shodan
Hits this month
Country United Kingdom GB

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Yggdrasil Servers was started in OCT 2017 to create a nice community and gaming environment for players to come and have fun. We are mainly UK based but we have players from all over Europe as well as the US. We have a Discord channel with active admins along with a Website ( and Forums. We hold events such as bosses and breeding competitions on a regular basis.A lot of our players are big breeders and store their Dinos into Orbs using the Dino storage Mod which really helps keep the server running smoothly and means you can keep on breeding. The server forums are also open for players to vote and have their say on how we run the server. We encourage any new players to join up on our website and read the rules.
All of our servers are clustered together so you can travel between them with dinos and items. 
We have rewritten the beacon drop system so that our servers have a really nice tailor made and sensible loot system. It scales up with each colour drop. Element from Bosses is doubled and they also drop Tek pieces and improved Tek Blueprints.

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