!09/03 FORTGG 5x Perfectly Modded [Loot+|Events|QS|Zombies]

play.fortgg.com:26015 Offline

Published on 2020-02-18

Game Rust
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Type PVP Airdrop Vanilla
Version 2256
Status Offline since 4 months
Last Check
14 min.
IP Address play.fortgg.com
Port 26015
Server Owner DN
Website https://www.fortgg.com/
Dynamic map https://playrust.io
Discord https://www.fortgg.com/discord
Hits this month
Country United States US

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☢ Welcome to FORTGG ☢ Vanilla Experience, the way Rust was meant to be played.

Active developers & staff - We listen to our communities suggestions. Active non playing admins.

Our goal is to server gamers with a community like no other: friendly members, unique servers, and an amazing atmosphere for all players.

Wipe schedule: https://www.fortgg.com

Discord: https://www.fortgg.com/discord

Join today! You will love it.

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