Garden Grove Roleplay | Whitelisted | Just Opened | SeriousRP | Active staff | Player-owned Businesses | Import Vehicles | 18+

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Published on 2022-06-13

Game FiveM
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Type RP PVP Drift Race
Offline since 4 days
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Server Owner GGRP
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Country United States US

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Garden Grove RP | Just Opened | Whitelisted | SeriousRP | Active staff | Hiring PD, EMS, FireDPT, Mayor, etc | Player-owned Businesses | Import Vehicles | 18+

Hiring all positions! Law Enforcement, EMS, and Politicians wanted!

Garden Grove is the city you can really call home. Grow your drugs and sell them on the street, buy or rent houses for you or your gang, run your own business empire and become a top earner or uphold the law as a Police Officer or guard the city's most feared criminals in prison as the Department of Corrections, decide on their fate as a Judge or defend them in court as a Lawyer. Write legislation, decide on business licenses, lower the taxes, and more as a Politician or Mayor.

Want to be the most feared criminal in the city? Do you want to be notorious for your racing skills and how you break every interceptor's ankles in every turn, or do you want to bring down hell on the criminals with your Law enforcement squad?

Here you will definitely find something to suit your story!

Regular Updates Planned!


● Player-owned businesses, with custom job scripts and MLOs for each

● Apartments & player housing

● Crafting system

● Custom vehicle handling

● Music Tapes

-& more planned!

-Player-Owned Businesses-

● Mechanic Shops

● Vanilla Unicorn

● Premium Deluxe Motorsport

● Taco Shop

● Out Da Ghetto Records

● Tuner shop (work in progress)

● Burgershot (coming soon)

● Storefronts (work in progress)

-& more planned!


● Police whitelisted (Hiring)

● State Police whitelisted (Hiring)

● Department Of Justice whitelisted (Hiring)

● Department Of Corrections whitelisted (Hiring)

● Criminal Investigation Division whitelisted (Hiring)

● City Hall whitelisted (Hiring)

● Fire Department (coming soon)

● Highway Patrol (coming soon)

● Lawyers and Politicians (Hiring)

● EMS whitelisted (Hiring)

● PDM Car Sales

● Benny's Mechanic

-& more planned!

-Illegal Activities-

● Blackmarket Car Shop and Underground Racing HQ (work in progress)

● Car boosting and VIN scratch (work in progress)

● Bobcat Heist

● Fleeca Heist

● Jewelry store Heist

● House robberies

● Grow weed outdoors/indoors

● Corner selling

● Street racing

● Illegal fishing (work in progress)

● Drifting (work in progress)

-& more planned!

-Legal Activities-

● Trucking (coming soon)

● Mining (coming soon)

● Whitelisted Jobs

● Fishing (work in progress)

● Diamond Casino with blackjack (work in progress)

-& more planned!

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