O.oFGaming-BattleRoyal-Hope - (v298.31) Offline

Published on 2019-06-27

Game Ark
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Type PVP
Status Offline since 9 months
Last Check 9 min. ago
IP Address
Port 7777
Server Owner Sabrina Lauß
Website https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/ark/3811519
Discord https://discord.gg/3NEZ76Y
Votes 0
Favorites 0
Hits this month 1
Country Germany DE

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Welcome to o.OFGaming.

This server started at 26.06.2019 19:00 CEST.
We are playing on the server with AdminLogging turned on.
Respect that, we also want to play the game ;)
We reserve the right to make changes to mods or settings as long as they are not coremods but we will announce that in our discord!

Map: Valguero (Cluster coming soon)
Harvest x25
Taming x25
XP x25
Breeding x50
Maturation x50
Max Level Player 235
Max Wild Dino Level 150 + 119 Levelups
Modded Beacons, SupplyCrates and more
Modded Dinoloot
Daily Serverrestart at 04:00 CEST
Low boosted Player and Dino Stats (not overpowerd)
Costum Dinospawns (Extinction Dinos and some more spawn on Valguero)

HG Stacking Mod 5000-90 V296 849985437
Structures Plus (Open Source) 731604991 (Tek ATV disabled)
Editable Server UI (WBUI) 924619115
Awesome Teleporters! 889745138 (TP Remote + Corpsefinder disabled, 12 TPs per Tribe)
EZAce 1156355959
OfflineGuardSystem 1373937944 (1OGS per tribe and 1h cooldown to prevent combattlogging)
SelVision 1092557691

(more coming soon)

- No meshing/glitching/abusing of bugs
- No cheating/hacking
- No Insiding
- Keep your saltyness in border of sociality
- 1OGS per Tribe (Offline Guard System)
- Alliances are not allowed to build in the same renderdistance
- No permanent turrets on bigger farmspots for resources/Wyvernpit/Aberrationentrance
- Don´t incarcerate players for more than 1 hour, unless you attack them
Gl&Hf, your adminteam!

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