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Published on 2019-04-19

Game Gmod
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Type DarkRP PVP
Version 19.02.18
Status Offline since 9 months
Last Check 0 min. ago
IP Address
Port 31055
Server Owner GamingOGs
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Hits this month 16
Country United States US

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Our DarkRP Server Features:
- A Company based simulated Economy- NPCs roaming the world- Bitmining- Retro Mining System- Zeros Oil System- Cigarette Production- Zeros Moonshine Distilling- Ultimate Weed Harvesting- Realistic money Printers- Meth Cooking- A large map with 2 cities- Crack Production- Farming- Rank System for - Paramedics/SWAT/Police/MayorsCity/Road Workers- Bank Robberies- ALL ON A DEDICATED SERVER delivered on hi-speed fiber line (none of that Nitrado type stuff)
Our IP:

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