5th Cavalry Regiment


Published on 2021-05-15

Game Arma 3
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Version 2.04.147719
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Server Owner HazedVision
Discord https://discord.gg/ZvvXGU3fBs
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Welcome to the 5th Cavalry Regiment

The 5th Cavalry Regiment is a Milsim unit covering the time frame from Vietnam through to the modern era of combat. We employ proper tactics and use the US Army rank structure to provide an immersive experience to our members. Check out the reasons to join us and the requirements.

• Our core community has existed since 2018

• 5th Cavalry Regiment has a rich history from 1855 and is still active today.

• Growing community we're closing in on 20 members.

•NA Timezone Drills and OPs

•Private Server

• No Drama

All times listed are EST Based

Official Schedule Training Days

Tuesday- 7pm-9pm

Wednesday- 7pm-9pm

Operation Day Friday- 7pm-10pm

Weekend Activities Saturday- Free play, choose a game and hang out with everyone!

Sunday- Free play/ Movie Night!

Any training scheduled by the squad leaders outside of the regular training days is permitted if the amount of players attending is sufficient for training to be deemed effective

Real Life comes first, if you can't make it to something, LET US KNOW. That keeps us in the loop about who we have during training and ops and when to expect your return!


Must apply in the #📝application channel

Must be 16 or Older ( Certain Exceptions Possible)

Must have a mic

Must own Arma 3 (You must have SOG Praire Fire DLC to play our current OPS)

Must be willing to follow the SOP and show "general" Attendance

Must follow our Discord Rules #laws-of-the-discord

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