deathmatch [DM][128Tick][de_dust2] Online

Published on 2021-04-20

Game CS:GO
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Type Deathmatch Team
Status Online
Last Check
4 minutes
IP Address
Port 27015
Map de_dust2
Server Owner cyberdeath
Hits this month
Country United States US

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128 Tick | Team Deathmatch | de_dust2 | US East | AtomicZone Clan Circa 2000 |                                                                                                                                                            

The AtomicZone Clan started in 2000 when some friends who played in the Slackworks server (early Counter-Strike) and formed a clan.

We've competed in CAL-O and OGL (so no, we're not that good, more for the fun aspect :) ).

We have managed and ran CS servers for many years and strive to offer a server free of nonsense where everyone can have some fun.

Should you not experience this please let us know!  Visit #azclan on to reach us or just hang out.

This server is offered entirely free to you, we do not accept donations.  Should you desire to help out (non-monetarily), please reach out.

cyberdeath & RoAcH

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