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Published on 2022-11-14

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Website http://discord.gg/hdrp
Discord http://discord.gg/hdrp
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Happy Days RP or HDRP has been open now just over 3 months and has already built an incredibly strong community, we work off a development style that we put everything back into the city we possibly can, the admin team began as a group of people all playing a city together for years, we decided to venture onto our own thing and have found incredible success and love the city we've built in front of us. Below listed is our key features (and I've missed out an absolute ton) what I think you would like to know about our city, we are constantly evolving and always learning but have open ears and will always support people as long as they stay within the rules and are not toxic. We have a strict policy on toxic behaviour and will not accept immature players within the city as we are a mature and serious community. I hope you come and join us, if you do our discord is discord.gg/hdrp

Thanks very much, HDRP Gang

Premium / Custom Scripts / Custom Modifications to popular scripts

Our development team has 4 IT professionals within it of which we are in our real jobs 1 solutions architect, 1 front end developer, 1 infrastructure engineer and 1 third party support engineer on top of multiple others within the team with custom artwork / MLO making skills, this means that we are within only 4 months of being open are able to begin developing things completely custom, we also find certain scripts are too good to pass and would save our team a lot of time and so have heavily re-invested in the city since it has been live.

Vast amount of Minigames within our VR Arcade / Gaming Room

We have TDM / Capture the Flag / Battle Royale / Last Man Standing, Air Hockey, Pool, Darts, Bowling and also a series of unity mini-games such as tetris, uno, snake.io which can all be played within the city at various locations but mainly within our custom arcade MLO built in house.

Custom Liveries / Stickers / Tattoo System

Within our city we have custom liveries that you can be a part of making or buy one for yourself to be made, we have a custom stickers module of which you can put stickers on any car you want and control scale/rotation/position of which we have a price to have your own brought into the city. We also have a custom tattoo parlour system of which players can own tattoo parlours and design tattoos for people which only they can sell, this works for gangs and individuals alike.

Multiple Drug Systems / Drug Runs / Growing Methodologies

In the city we have 6+ illegal drugs which players are able to create / take / sell / mass produce, we do multiple different selling options for different types of drugs which is something fun to find out within the city as you go.

Complete Heist Chain - Controlled by Gangs/Individuals/Businesses within the city (Not Admin Ran)

In the city the users/players control most things in order to run the chain of heists, it start to finish involves 10 heists of which you need to complete them all to reach the final heists of which the pay out is to grow each time based on complexity and cost. There are also other heists not included in the chain which can be hit

Active Staff and Development Team

When you join our discord I would implore you to visit our changelogs and our suggestions to see how fast and great our turnaround is from the team in terms of bug fixes, creating custom suggestions, or implementing the things people want to see.

Great Performance and Low MS resources

As we all come from IT backgrounds in management and development we ensure we properly performance test all of our resources as we love racing / police chases and we want to ensure that the city performs well whilst we are doing that. We constantly get feedback that our city runs incredibly smoothly and we will continue to improve performance on every opportunity we see

Premium Jail Script and Scripted Jailbreak

If you do end up going to jail, thankfully we have got one of the latest and best jail script you will find anywhere, you are able to take the power out and actually hack the cells to remove your friends from jail, this includes multiple steps and multiple hacks which fall in line with our heist chain.

Multiple completely custom MLOS

For our gangs and businesses in the city our aim is to be completely unique and we have already built in our first 3 months of being open over 5 completely custom MLOS and now moving onto extremely high standard full shell MLOs rather than world edits. Come into our city to visit our custom Redline Garage or the Games Room along with many other premium MLOs.

Player-synced 4 man legal jobs  

Getting started in a city can be hard, this is something made easier by you and your group of friends being able to do legal jobs together in the city and even earn more as a reward for group work.

Boosting and Vin Scratching

We are using an awesome laptop and boosting system which allows players to earn their way up through the levels from D to S+ and in the future there will be import vin scratches.

Custom Trading Card System

We have a custom trading card system for prominent members of the city, with over 50 cards made so far you could be the in the next edition! These cards are made by the community and are an extremely high standard!

Premium Inventory System

We have possibly the best inventory QB Core can offer and has 0 scuff involved with it, allows for complete customization how you want and will be able to satisfy whatever your preference is. Mainly there is no scuff with dropping things on the floor/placing in stashes/gloveboxes.

Premium Housing System

We have a premium housing system which mirrors decorating like the sims, this also supports our real estate being able to turn any MLO into a house with locked doors and gates with stashes/spawn points and doorbells within minutes. 

Realistic / Well Tuned / Amazing Engine Sounds for Cars

We aim for our cars to feel absolutely incredible and to have character when driving around the city, we have a team of absolute petrol heads tuning all of our cars, this is one of our priorities within the city.

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