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Published on 2020-06-21

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Server Owner Horizon Network
Website https://horizonnetwork.org/
Discord https://discord.gg/F9ePXfB
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Horizon Network is a roleplay server founded upon the concept of realism and freedom. The FiveM server is primarily based from the State of New York with a variety of LEO and miscellaneous departments ranging from The New York Police Department, New York State Police, Nassau County Police Department, Fire Department of New York & Federal Aviation Administration. Departments are a crucial asset to the Horizon Network and grant many unique and exclusive roleplay scenes, allowing roleplay to be engaging, realistic yet fun simultaneously. Although primarily based on vMenu, civilians on the network strive for unique and engaging roleplay where possible. The quality of roleplay is vitally important to the network and allows our network to be appealing and entertaining in its own way for all current and future members. The Administration Team encourages a broad variety of roleplay ranging from passive roleplay, to extreme roleplay on the rare occasion, or roleplay that allows everyone to take part and experience firsthand. Roleplay characters on the network are constantly reviewed to ensure realism and revised where necessary, allowing for a character to build a large story, make relationships, make friends and be extensive with any roleplays that occur. In order to maintain a healthy correlation between Administration and Civilian, members of the Civilian Operations are binded to tiers, ranging from Tier 1 to Tier 4. Each Tier acquires certain roleplay abilities that sustains a sense of realism and probability on the server. Each Tier of Civilian has a set of rules that are heavily enforced by Civilian Supervisors and Managers. The Civilian Leadership Team seeks for everyone to abide by rules and regulations, but in the off chance that a rule is broken, it is not taken lightly. Our Roleplay World on Horizon is expanding day by day and is constantly evolving, anything that a character does changes our roleplay world and for everyone taking part for months and years to come. On behalf of the Administration Team on the Horizon Network, we thank you for reading and wish you an outstanding rest of your day.

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