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Published on 2021-06-06

Game FiveM
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Type RP PVP PVE Race
Status Online
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6 minutes
Map fivem-map-hipster
Server Owner Anonymous
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Country United States US

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COMING VERY SOON   Nexus Serious RP is a server based on real life times with a working Economy, Government and Over 350+ custom cars, 200+ MLO buildings, Pets, Fun activities such as the cinema, skateboarding, rc cars, golf, darts, pool bowling and more! Its also running on the most latest update which includes the Cayo Perico Island, a cartel ran land with potential for lots of RP in the crime network alongside the Mafia and other gangs, Meet with a dynasty 8 agent with the servers advanced housing system which consists of you being able to own your very own MLO building be it a home or a business, you can lock your doors, have inventories and wardrobes, purchase CCTV, Furnish inside and outside your homes after buying furniture at the store, even physically park your car at your home!! If your a businessman you can purchase nearly any type of business suited to your needs, every gas station, store, gun store car dealership, motel and so much more are available for the public to buy and run, you can even start a business of your own and run it! Or dive into a life of crime, the RP is extensive and endless! There is so much more not mentioned, The server will be ready for soft launch within the coming weeks so head over to Nexus RP to and check out its daily updates, screenshots and server How to so you can keep track of the progress, people are welcomed to start coming to play as were in the very near stages of release so testers are appreciated! See You There!! Please Join the discord and fill in the whitelist application if you wish to continue to play when the server becomes whitelisted after soft launch!

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