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Published on 2018-10-02

Game FiveM
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Come and join InfinityRP, The premium FiveM community.<div>Here at InfinityRP, we have regular patrols and strict roleplay, We also have a custom CAD system for Police and Civilians. Wanting to apply or not. We allow non-whitelisted Civilians and whitelisted Civilians who gain access to our CAD for an in-depth roleplay experience. Maybe you would like to join the other side and apply for Law Enforcement. We have a range of departments (Listed Below). <br /></div><div><br /></div><div>While playing our server you will have an endless roleplay experience. We maintain this by removing player blips and names to prevent people from using out of character resources in character. With many mods available we currently allow custom scripts to allow players to enable their own custom experience. However, These scrips are on a whitelisted/blacklisted database to prevent people from using mods. Our server also uses an anti-cheat system which will remove non-permitted guns and check for god mode. This system can be executed any moment within roleplay by staff members for 2 seconds to scan for god mode or cheaters. The system also checks each player once they connect for maximum effect. </div><div><br /></div><div>Some of the departments you might want to join are;</div><div>Communications - Dispatch </div><div>BCSO - Blaine County Sheriffs Office </div><div>Senior Field Agent - Access to any department </div><div>SAHP - San Andreas Highway Patrol </div><div>LSPD - Los Santos Police Department</div>

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