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Published on 2021-06-01

Game Gmod
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Type DarkRP PVP
Version 2021.06.09
Status Online
Last Check
3 minutes
IP Address
Port 27015
Map rp_downtown_tits_v2
Server Owner Delta
Hits this month
Country United Kingdom GB

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Justified The servers for all players to enjoy.
The server has a lovely community and staff team that is active. Justified has tons of custom content to enjoy alongside tons of popular and liked content. The limit of the server is only your imagination.
The server is hosted in the EU but there are many people from different parts of the world that simply love playing on the server. The server's community is really friendly and welcoming toward new players and each other. The rules are quite simple and self-explanatory so you shouldn't have an issue obeying them. The management is very open to ideas so don't be scared to ever approach your ideas or your issues. Justified is a very new player-friendly server and is optimized for the sake of new people to be able to have as much fun as people that have been playing for a while. Justified is a genuinely fun and enjoyable server to just chill with your friends or even make new ones.

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