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Published on 2021-02-15

Game Dayz
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Type PVE PVP High loot No stamina
Version 1.11.153731
Status Online
Map chernarusplus
Last Check
0 min.
IP Address
Port 24000
Server Owner Motorcycle Guy
Discord https://discord.gg/k5crqfZqGk
Hits this month
Country United States US

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PVPVE - There is no safe haven (well in safezones around traders)
Have fun exploring through the multiple features included below all while surviving a KOS anywhere PVP experience.

The Horde Master is traveling the Northern section of Chernarus, be carefull to not stumble upon him without friends...

Zombies - Drop AMMO and MONEY but be careful a few of them have a lot more health and don't go down as easy (the strong ones drop weapons and money with a chance at T4 weapons)

Raid Tools - Breaching Charges / Hacksaw - Doors / Gates Only

Helis Spawn at 3 locations Randomly

Custom Coastal Trader

Full Black Market and Drug Traders.

Increased Animals and a Hunting Trader

Reworked Zombie spawns to have them populate heavier in large towns and military zones and lighter in the countryside.

Toxic Zones at Tisy and Troitskoe - Gas Mask w/ filter is needed to survive.. oh and watch out for bears and wolves along with the zombies.

NEAF Quarantine Zone - close quarter PVPVE in many areas here and if not careful you might wind up with a horde to fend off.

Enjoy multiple ways to experience the game and make money.

Hunting Trader buys all meat including Human Steak (also one of two places to get gas masks and filters for the toxic zones)

Black Market where you can buy and sell some very expensive weapons. (also on of two places to get gas masks and filters for the toxic zones)

Drug Trader - Become a Cartel Kingpin growing and selling.

Map physics adjusted to make vehicles smoother.

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[KP]Devils Areola|PVP|Chern|8x|Heli|ATM|Trader|BM|Drug|Party|C4

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