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Published on 2022-08-30

Game FiveM
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Server Owner CD_93
Website https://letsrp.co.uk
Discord https://discord.letsrp.co.uk/
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Country United Kingdom GB

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In early 2022, Let's RP was launched to do things differently in the GTA roleplay space. We have fostered a culture of trust and transparancy to create the premier FiveM server for storytelling, character development and content-driven roleplay. Since then, we have grown to over 200 players whitelisted across the UK, EU & US - and Let's RP has become known for its high-calibre drama and emotional character arcs.

Our culture holds no place for toxicity or the "win mentality" which hampers other FiveM servers and stifles true story progression. Our rules of engagement for cops and criminals alike ensures the best possible outcomes for players on both sides as well as providing ample avenues of roleplay for everyone in between. Our rules and our culture are moderated by our dedicated admin team - ensuring all reports and ModMails are addressed as quickly and as fairly as possible.

Our in-house development team of programmers, texture artists and clothing experts meet regularly to respond to bug reports and player suggestions as well as creating custom scripts and experiences exclusive to Let's RP - such as our upcoming 'Heists' update! They are aided by a dedicated support team, assisting players old and new in navigating FiveM and GTA RP.

Our support for the content of our players extends beyond the confines of the game itself. Our content team supports all of our streamers and content creators in highlighting their work and contributions to our city. Our in-house web designer curates an in-character intranet (EyeFind) as well as managing our local Weazel News outlet which our local journalists and news reporters can contribute to (and get paid for). We have recently launched the Let's RP Wiki as well as the first season of the Let's RP Trading Card Game. Our events team empowers our players to create and engage with unqiue one-off and multi-part events (such as our incredibly popular month-long Halloween arc in October '22).

We truly believe that have built a special roleplay space and Let's RP is growing every day. For a further insight, clips and shorts can be found at LetsRPOfficial across Twitter / YouTube / TikTok. Or you can follow the LetsRP tag on Twitch to see what our streamers have been up to.

Thank you for reading about us - now come and join us!

What's new in 2.0?

Season Two of Let’s RP brings with it a major injection of content for LEOs, civilians and criminals alike.

We are excited to be introducing a raft of social recreational activities & minigames such as Tennis, Pool, Basketball, Air Hockey and more to bolster the “downtime” options for your characters between going about their civilian jobs, criminal activities, or public service duties.

A whole new fleet of PD, EMS and FIRE vehicles - including specialised rescue vehicles - keep our public servants ready for any eventuality. New custom NPC missions give our Pillbox workers a chance to earn a bump on their paycheck by attending medical emergencies across the city.

We have revamped the Hunting hobby to include a skinning system, adding extra value to your expeditions. We are putting spray cans in the hands of our gang members to leave their mark ontheir turf... and on that of their rivals. We are also consolidating a number of vendors at the Vespucci Markets to create a hub of buying & selling – with some products now offering buffs to some character abilities!

New businesses and career opportunities are cropping up across the city. So take a look around and explore what is on offer for yourself. But if you fancy a complete change of pace, ask at the job centre about a career in beekeeping! Collect resources to look after your apiaries to collect produce to sell at the Grapeseed Farmer's Market! Maybe wear protection!

We have enhanced the Diamond City Casino with whole new games – yes, even the slot machines! Now that the locals have been invited in, you will now be able to test the luck of you and your friends against AI players at the card and roulette tables. Whole new animations and interactions bring the Casino to life in a way we haven’t seen before. With alcohol being served behind the bar 24 hours a day, it is sure to be a popular venue for many (not least the dealers).

Criminals in the north beware, for response times are about to drop dramatically! The Blaine County Sheriffs Office is now open to bolster law enforcement in the state. We’re bringing custom liveries and infrastructure to make the Sheriffs Office in Sandy Shores feel like a second home for those stationed there.

What's that ringing payphone all about? Well you'll have to find out for yourself.

Heists have come to Let’s RP!

Developed by our in‐house team, these new challenges are exclusive to Let’s RP. Players will need to take on a series of escapades above and below sea level to earn the big prizes on offer, if they can evade the authorities in the process!

These Heists will require planning to execute successfully (and to survive). We really look forward to seeing how you and your gangs choose to navigate these capers! As for the where and how... find out IC!


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