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Published on 2023-04-21

Game FiveM
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Type RP
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1 minute
Map San Andreas
Server Owner WhiteRhino09
Discord http://discord.gg/loslife
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Country United States US

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Los Santos Life Roleplay 

Want to join a roleplay server that is not taking things too seriously but still offers a quality structured roleplay experience ?

Los Life aims at bringing back the golden age of roleplay when the focus was more about having entertaining fun experiences rather then just attempting to be a hyper life simulator.

Sure "serious" RP can be cool but it can also be exhausting , stressful , toxic and lead to burnout.

Los Life wants criminals to be criminals and be able to focus solely on doing criminal activities , meaning we want criminals out there actively doing heists , not spending a week to build up to one heist.

We want civilians to have fun unique jobs they can do with friends that actually allow them to buy houses and cars, not just grinding away by yourself to just make it by living in a motel.

We want Law Enforcement to be able to focus on patrolling the city , securing businesses & banks , and engaging with citizens and not spending all their time writing reports that could standup in real life court. Not spending weeks as DOC just to become LSPD or LSCSD.

Criminal Life:

Black Market based on crim rep


9+ Heists & Bank Robberies

Gang System with Wars, Tagging , Turf and more.

Illegal Weapon crafting & Sales

Immersive Drug processing with 9 illegal substances

Detailed Vehicle Theft System

Quality Prison life with jobs , items , breakouts

Gang claim areas with loot

NPC Gang activity with loot

Law Enforcement Life :

Fully stocked armory's with custom weapons & items

Multiple uniform options between 2 Departments

Multiple ranks offering unique responsibilities 

20+ LE vehicles with multiple liveries

Immersive Cuffing & Escorting system

Responsive user friendly MDT & Evidence systems

Easy to write reports , basic details and back to the RP 

Easy to use Dispatch & Radio systems

Emergency Medical Service Life :

Multiple EMS & Fire vehicles

Multiple Outfit options with ability to change on scene to meet the RP needs

Multiple state of the art Medical Facilities

Fire, Hose, SCBA systems, the city is burning down we need you !

Easy to use Dispatch & GPS monitoring systems

Room for advancement, rank up to your desired position.

Civilian Life:

Multiple jobs with dual job capabilities

Player owned businesses - Mechanics , Restaurants , Car Dealerships , Tow Companies , Tattoo Parlors , and more !

Motel & Housing System with over 100 Custom enterable structures and 75 shells for custom interiors.

Hundreds of Custom GTA Lore friendly vehicles
Many High Quality "Real World" vehicles 

Fish , Hunt , Play 8Ball , Tennis , Street Racing , Go-Karts , Off Road & Water Sport Rentals , and so much more ! 

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