LostCraft Reborn 1.15 Factions/survival

lostcraftreborn.com:25565 Online

Published on 2020-01-05

Game Minecraft
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Type PVP Faction PVE
Version Paper 1.15.1
Status Online
Last Check 2 min. ago
IP Address lostcraftreborn.com
Port 25565
Server Owner DJL0st12
Website http://lostcraftreborn.com
Votes 51
Favorites 0
Hits this month 75
Country United States US

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iP: lostcraftreborn.com

server type: Factions/survival with economy emphasis

important commands: /rules (must accept rules to be promoted to member) /help /ma help /jobs browse /f help /wild /warp shop

Other relevant info: Don't join and immediately ask for staff. Thats not how things work. Don't join and complain about having to do /rules to be promoted. It's important that you know where I stand, and I know the rules are something you can agree to. We have a heavy emphasis on economy. Joining a job quickly is important. Pick one that fits what you spend much time doing. Read each of the "infograms" at spawn. They are all useful! We are a new server. Slowly growing. However, I am invested in building this community. Don't hesitate to ask if you have questions (other than.. can i be staff!!?)

LostCraft Reborn

An econo survival factions server

Factions, Essentials, Shops, mcMMO, mobarena, and some other bells and whistles.

LostCraft Reborn was originally started in 2011 by MPRoy aka DJL0st12.

Real life got in the way and he had to take a short 6 year break.

Now the minecraft gods have smiled and DJ is back and bringing

LostCraft Reborn with him!

While DJ's expertise has always been plugins and properly configuring servers, our plan at LCR is to provide a core Vanilla experience with some quality of life tweaks. What you will NOT find on LCR is complicated

and unnecessary plugins. Our plan is to build a community through a reliable and trustworthy administration

team, and quality players who are here for the right reasons.

LostCraft Reborn is just getting back up and running so there will be some tweaks and additions

over the next few weeks. However, with daily offsite backups, and full server access and administration

our staff are in control and you can be sure your playtime won't be wasted by rollbacks.

The current map was freshly started with 1.15 so all map generation will be done with the latest features.

We are also working on and


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👌 The Outpost 👌 | 24/7 | 1.15...


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