LostCraft Reborn 1.15.2 Factions/survival

lostcraftreborn.com:25565 Online

Published on 2020-01-05

Game Minecraft
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Type PVP Faction PVE
Version Paper 1.16.1
Status Online
Last Check
4 min.
IP Address lostcraftreborn.com
Port 25565
Server Owner DJL0st12
Website http://lostcraftreborn.com
Discord http://discord.gg/AeTZ3Ac
Hits this month
Country United States US

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Server IP: lostcraftreborn.com:25565

Server Version: 1.15.2

Server Style: Factions, economy based survival

Server plugins and features: Factions, mcMMO, jobs, player shops, homes, bloodmoon, and more

Server Rules: Don't hack, have general basic human decency and treat players like human beings.

Server Website: https://lostcraftreborn.com

Why LostCraft?:

LostCraft Reborn is a modern alternative to the massive 400 player communities with 15 servers and 73.2 minigames. With a small but growing playerbase, I've invested myself into creating a community experience, not just an A.D.D riddled minigames lobby. Dedicated to never being a pay to win server, there is currently no donation process at all. Ranks are achieved through simply playing the game.

As a player I have had my play experience completely ruined by server staff with ulterior motives. Have you ever had a staff member tp to you claiming to be checking for hacks, only to be raided by his faction or his friends faction 10 minutes later? Yeah me too. LCR has one staff member. Me. No staff member of LCR will ever compete in factions, pvp, or play the game in any regard. I don't believe in "lets have fun and troll players trying to build their base. I do not dump lava on players only to give them 50 diamonds. This type of interaction completely ruins the trust between staff and player. It wont happen. ( I have been known to flip a pig upside down with the dinnerbone nametag.. thats the worst you'll get out of me).

Hardware. Minecraft these days is painfully unoptimized. Running a successful server on a tiny shared hosting package just isn't feasible. LCR runs on an i7 7700 dedicated machine with 32GB ram. Minecraft isn't using all of this ram but it's there when I need it. Running on an SSD, disk write speeds and chunk loading are smooth. With a 1G/sec port, based in New York, I've been able to offer players from the UK to the netherlands, to california in the us, a solid stable connection and ping.

With an integrated server, website and discord, we offer an experience you're not likely to get elsewhere. Drop by. Be part of a new community.


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